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Stackwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a foremost Manufacturers of Plastic Bins in Pune and also Plastic Bins Suppliers, Traders in Pune. The plastic bin sits cautiously in its designated edge, a functional marvel amidst the chaos of everyday life. Its appearance, seamless yet marked with the faintest scratches of utilization, depends on the ambient light in a muted sheen. Crafted from long-lasting polypropylene, its walls stand resolute, developing a sturdy fortress against disorder. The color, a nondescript cover of beige, blends easily into its surroundings, unobtrusive yet crucial.

We as Plastic Bins Suppliers in Pune provide a create Plastic Bins that precisely satisfy the needs of our customers by utilizing advanced production techniques. Often referred to as storage containers, plastic bins are crucial for organizing and managing materials.These durable and adaptable bins provide a flexible solution for moving and storing a variety of items in warehouses, commercial spaces, retail locations, and other locations. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and client pleasure has made us a dependable partner in a variety of industries.

Plastic Bins Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders in Pune

Plastic Bins in Pune:

Plastic bins are versatile storage containers made from various types of plastic materials. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate diverse storage needs. Plastic bins are typically made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or other types of plastic materials. The choice of material depends on factors such as durability, flexibility, and intended use. We create Plastic Bins that set new standards for durability and convenience, going above and beyond standard storage solutions.


  • Plastic bins are constructed from durable plastic materials, such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, moisture, and chemicals.
  • These materials provide long-lasting performance and protection for stored items.


  • Plastic bins typically have a rectangular or square shape, although some may have rounded corners or other configurations.
  • They feature a solid base and sidewalls, with an open top for easy access to stored items.
  • Some plastic bins come with integrated handles or hand grips for easy lifting and carrying.

Features of Plastic Bins:

  • Stackability: Many plastic bins are designed to be stackable, allowing them to be stacked on top of each other to maximize vertical storage space. This feature is beneficial for organizing and optimizing storage in warehouses, storage rooms, and closets.
  • Nesting Capability: Some plastic bins are nestable, meaning they can be nested inside each other when empty to save space. This feature is useful for storage and transportation, as it reduces the footprint of bins when not in use.
  • Variety of Sizes: Plastic bins come in a range of sizes to accommodate different storage needs. They can vary in height, width, and depth, allowing users to choose the right size bin for their specific requirements.
  • Color Options: Plastic bins are available in various colors, allowing for color-coded organization systems. Color-coding bins can help users quickly identify and locate specific items or categories of items.
  • Labeling Options: Many plastic bins feature label slots, label holders, or areas for adhesive labels, allowing users to easily identify the contents of each bin. Labeling options enhance organization and inventory management.
  • Customization: Some plastic bins offer customization options such as dividers, partitions, or inserts to create compartments within the bin. Customizable bins allow users to tailor the storage space to meet their specific needs and preferences.

FPO 15 Plastic Bin in Pune

FPO 15 Plastic Bin

Material Plastic
Color Blue
Size/Dimension 200x152x100mm
Product Code FPO 15
Capacity 10kg
Shape Rectangular
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

FPO 25 Plastic Bin

Material Plastic
Color Blue
Size/Dimension 230x150x125mm
Product Code FPO 25
Capacity 9kg
Shape Rectangular
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

FPO 25 Plastic Bin in Pune

FPO 35 Plastic Bin in Pune

FPO 35 Plastic Bin

Material Plastic
Size/Dimension 300x210x160mm
Product Code FPO 35
Color Blue
Capacity 12kg
Shape Rectangular
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

FPO 45 Plastic Bin

Material Plastic
Color Blue
Size/Dimension 350x210x200mm
Product Code FPO 45
Capacity 11kg
Shape Rectangular
Minimum Order Quantity 10000 Piece

FPO 45 Plastic Bin in Pune

Plastic Bins in Pune:

  • Variety of Solutions: We as leading Plastic Bins manufacturers, provide a variety of solutions in addition to Plastic Crates. Whether you need small parts storage or large bulk bins, our extensive product selection ensures that your specific storage needs are met. Savor the liberty of choosing containers that precisely meet your organization's requirements.
  • Innovative Design: With our modern plastic bins, take a step into the future of storage. Our designs are creative solutions that optimize available space, enhance visibility, and provide easy access, rather than only being practical. Organize your workflow more efficiently and store items in bins that will revolutionize the way you store things.
  • Personalization is made just for you: Being leading Plastic Bin Suppliers in Pune, our production method allows for personalization, so you can be sure that your storage solution fits your exact specifications whether you want certain measurements, colours, or branding.
  • Extraordinary Sturdiness: Invest in durable plastic containers made to withstand repeated usage. The bins are built to last in the most demanding circumstances since they are composed of premium, impact-resistant materials. Savor the peace of mind that comes with employing an enduring storage option.
  • Expertise in Space Optimization: Utilizing our expertise in space optimization will enable you to get the most out of your storage space. Our plastic containers are cleverly made to increase storage capacity without sacrificing use. Observe a smooth fusion of functionality and compact design that revolutionizes your storage choices.
  • Ecological Remedies: Select sustainability without compromising functionality is committed to using eco-friendly practices. Energy efficiency is given first priority during the production process, and recycled materials are used to make our plastic bins. Join Us in advancing a more conscientious, environmentally friendly method of storing goods.
  • Excellence at Low Cost: Boost your storage space without going over budget. Being top Plastic Bins traders our plastic bins offer the best value in terms of both price and quality. Discover the financial savings that result from durable, reusable bins that increase storage capacity, facilitate organization, and eventually boost your profit margin.
  • Committed client service: Our committed customer service team will assist you after the sale and during the initial consultation to make sure your plastic bins blend in seamlessly with your daily organizing routine.

Plastic Bins Advantages:

  • Durability and longevity: Compared to more conventional storage options, plastic bins have a longer lifespan since they are composed of sturdy materials that can resist rust, wear, and strain.
  • Design Versatility: As leading Plastic Bins traders, our plastic bins are a flexible storage solution that can accommodate a wide range of objects while maximizing space and efficiency since they are available in several sizes, shapes, and combinations.
  • Maintenance Ease: Plastic containers are easy to sterilize and clean, providing a hygienic storage environment for a range of industries.

Plastic Bins Applications and Uses:

As Top Plastic Bins traders our products can be used in the following industries:

  • Distribution & Warehousing: Designed for the effective transportation and storage of goods in warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities.
  • Retail Display: Plastic bins offer a durable and efficient display solution that enhances the aesthetic appeal and management of retail environments.
  • Factory & Production: Make it easier to sort and store components, finished goods, and raw materials on the factory floor. This will improve workflow efficiency.
  • Home and Garage Organization: Plastic containers work great for keeping tools, household items, and other items organized in garages or other storage spaces.
Plastic Bins

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability, quality, and personalization has made Stackwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. the top Plastic Bins manufacturers, suppliers, traders in Pune. Come along with us as we optimize your organizational and storage practices. Get in touch with us right now to start down the road to a future that is more structured and efficient!

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