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Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers, Suppliers, Traders in Pune

Stackwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Pune's best leading Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers in Pune and also Plastic Crate Suppliers, Traders in Pune. We are Understanding the demands of clients, we're engaged in manufacturing, supplying of Hand Pallet Truck in Pune. We have been able to satisfy our clients' needs and satisfy our customers' desires. Our products meet or exceed current industry standards and provide superior product quality, reliability, durability and efficiency. Our Hand Pallet Truck can be used for a variety of applications including construction sites, warehouses, factories and distribution centres.

We highly recommended the Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers in Pune, Hand Pallet Truck Suppliers, Traders in Pune. Stackwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. is takes pleasure in transforming the way many industries handle and move cargo. Hand pallet trucks, also known as pallet jacks or pallet lifters, are manual devices used to lift and move palletized loads within warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings. .

Hand Pallet Trucks Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

We have lead the industry in engineering quality, environmental practices, and customer happiness because of our unwavering dedication to these values. As leading Hand Pallet Trucks Manufacturers in Pune, we create Hand Pallet Trucks that surpass industry standards for efficiency, going above and beyond traditional material handling solutions. Pallet jacks, another name for hand pallet trucks, are essential equipment for cargo handling. These trucks are a flexible option for lifting, moving, and carrying items in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings because of their easy-to-use design and long-lasting construction. As a leading Hand Pallet Trucks Suppliers in Pune, we use modern manufacturing processes to create Hand Pallet Trucks that are tailored to each customer's demands.


  • A hand pallet truck consists of a sturdy steel frame with a pair of forks mounted on wheels.
  • The forks are designed to slide underneath pallets, allowing the truck to lift and move them.

Features of Hand Pallet Truck:

  • Pump Handle: The hand pallet truck features a pump handle or lever located at the top of the frame. This handle is used to manually pump hydraulic fluid into the lifting mechanism, raising the forks off the ground.
  • Lifting Mechanism: When the pump handle is operated, hydraulic pressure is generated, causing the forks to rise. The lifting mechanism is typically controlled by a release lever that allows for smooth lowering of the forks.
  • Forks: The forks are the two parallel arms extending from the front of the pallet truck. They are designed to slide underneath pallets, allowing for easy lifting and transport. Fork lengths can vary depending on the size of pallets being handled.
  • Wheels: Hand pallet trucks are equipped with wheels at the front and rear. The front wheels are typically mounted within the forks and allow for maneuverability, while the rear wheels provide stability and support.
  • Load Capacity: Hand pallet trucks come in various load capacities to accommodate different weight requirements. Standard load capacities range from 2,000 to 5,000 pounds (900 to 2,300 kilograms) or more.
  • Steering: Some hand pallet trucks feature a steering handle or T-bar design that allows for easy maneuvering and control when navigating tight spaces or corners..
  • Safety Features: Hand pallet trucks may include safety features such as overload protection valves to prevent damage to the truck and operator in case of excessive weight, as well as a foot pedal for emergency braking.

Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers in Pune

Hand Pallet Truck - Specifications:

Usage/Application Material Handling
Power Source Hand Operated
Loading Capacity 2.5Ton
Max Lifting Height 300mm
Wheel Material Nylon
Fork Length 1500mm
Fork Width 520mm
Material Mild Steel
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

Hand Pallet Trucks:

  • Tailoring to Your Requirements: Every industry has different needs when it comes to material handling. With the customisation possibilities provided by you can easily adapt our Hand Pallet Trucks to meet your unique requirements. We make sure that every aspect of our equipment, including load capacity and unique features, precisely matches your operating requirements.
  • Solutions That Save Space: As leading hand pallet trucks traders, our designs are made to fit through small openings without sacrificing lifting power. Enjoy the flexibility that comes with effective material handling, especially in tight spaces.
  • Dedication to Security: In the handling of materials, safety is crucial. Using hand pallet trucks that meet the strictest safety regulations, we place a strong priority on the security of its personnel. Put your trust in us to work with you to minimize the dangers involved with material handling duties and create a secure work environment.
  • Sector-Leading Knowledge: With years of experience in the field, we as leading hand pallet trucks manufacturers offer unmatched knowledge. Our skilled staff makes sure that our hand pallet trucks not only fulfill but also surpass industry requirements. Join forces with us to create a material handling system that embodies the expertise of seasoned producers.
  • Reactive Client Assistance: Our main objective is to ensure your satisfaction. Beyond production, we offer attentive customer service. Our committed staff makes sure that your experience with our Hand Pallet Trucks is smooth and fulfilling, from initial questions to post-purchase support.
Hand Pallet Trucks pune
Hand Pallet Trucks Advantages:
  • Maneuverability: Hand pallet trucks are made for easy movement, which enables users to precisely handle cargo and negotiate confined areas.
  • Economical: Hand As top hand pallet trucks traders our pallet trucks are an affordable substitute for motorized lifting apparatuses that enable effective material handling without requiring sophisticated technology.
  • Enhanced production: Hand Pallet Trucks save downtime and manual labour by streamlining the loading and unloading process, resulting in higher production.

Hand Pallet Trucks Applications and Uses:

As top hand pallet trucks traders our products can be used in the following categories:

  • Distribution & Warehousing: Perfect for transporting palletized items through warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities with efficiency.
  • Retail: To ensure prompt and effective transportation of goods, streamline inventory management and restocking procedures in retail contexts.
  • Factory: To help the production process run more smoothly, and makes it easier for raw materials and completed goods to be transferred on the factory floor.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Hand pallet trucks are a great tool for loading and unloading cargo from vehicles, which helps to streamline the process.

  • Accurate Engineering Precision: As leading Hand Pallet Trucks Manufacturers in Pune, our hand pallet trucks are works of exquisite engineering, not just tools. Our trucks, which are expertly crafted, provide unparalleled material handling accuracy and control. Discover the difference that comes with gear made to perform at its best.
  • Strong Sturdiness: Make an investment in machinery that can endure regular usage. The Hand Pallet Trucks manufactured by us are designed to last. Longevity is guaranteed by strong construction and high-quality materials, giving you a dependable solution that can handle the demands of your material handling operations.
  • Superior Ergonomics: Being top hand pallet trucks suppliers, we perfectly understand ease of use is just as important to efficiency as strength. Our hand pallet trucks are built with the highest ergonomic standards, putting the comfort and security of the operator first. With our vehicles, you can increase your operating efficiency and handle material handling jobs with confidence.
Hand Pallet Truck Manufacturers, Suppliers in Pune

Our steadfast dedication to sustainability, quality, and customisation sets us apart as industry leaders in hand pallet trucks. Come along as we help you reach new levels of productivity. Get in touch with Stackwell Industries Pvt. Ltd. A top hand pallet trucks manufacturers, suppliers, traders in Pune, and together, let’s starts down the path to a future of material handling that is more streamlined and effective!

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